Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why Pattinspired?

I actually have no desire to blog whatsoever. I'm doing this as an experiment to see if I can post the Twilight fanfic that I've been writing on here. I have no idea how to do such a thing, unless I load each chapter as a post. I'll do a little investigating and see how this works!

There are already a million Robert Pattinson blogs out there who do it bigger and better than I ever could. I may compile a list of the ones I enjoy regularly...we'll see! As it is, if I can get my fic posted, hope you enjoy it. It's just a little creative writing project that my "Rob Chain Gang" inadvertently inspired me to do...I owe them all so much for their daily Robspiration, encouragement, mild insanity and general perpetual state of discomRobulation. Love you all!


  1. Love you to Leann!

    And I bow to your writing talent...but you know that already ;p

  2. Aw, thank you sweetie! Bowing is so unnecessary, unless of course Rob is in front of you! And then the bowing might be for an entirely different reason. *whistles innocently*

  3. You have nothing to worry about Leann, everyone is going to love reading Amnesia as much as we do.

    Love you too BB!

  4. amnesia chapters & other storys written about Edward & Bella .... keep them coming...never get tired of reading them.