Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Moment of Silence for the Sex Hair

So Rob was spotted at Heathrow earlier today, making his way back to "the 'couv" as Vancouver native and Robtart Erin Batt calls it.  Papz caught our boy per usual, once again sparking the simultaneous elation over seeing Rob in his natural state, and guilt over enjoying pics that were taken against his will by one of the lowest life forms on the planet.

So, after the obvious first reaction of "UNF!!!  WTF is he so effing hot just walking through the freakin' airport?"  the Robtarts narrowed down our comments to the following:

Elizalou: I don't really care for these new jeans that he's wearing... hmm.. bring back the buttonflies! But who the hell am I kidding? He could be wearing plaid pajama pants with flip flops and i'd swoon ;p

Mandy:  I love how even though he has all this money, his guitar case is all falling apart. It's nice to see he hasn't changed, he still holds onto things until they literally fall apart.

Pattzy:  true glad to see he is still same Rob well minus the jeans and yeah i am not a fan bring back those hot button flys!

Erin:  And yes about guitar case. He's so adorable!!! I love him. I want to hug him!
*runs to go try* ;)

A/LA:  I love that BBJ.... even if it looks like it's been deflated. LOL

Leann:  UNF. Guess maybe all the travelling he does has finally squashed the BBJ into submission?

LoveTheLips:  Do you think it's been packed away all this time? We haven't seen it in ages. I hate it. LOL....and the jeans. The guitar case is pretty damn cool. No wonder he's hanging on to it.

Kathy:  I personally think it's so fuckhawt that he takes that guitar wherever he goes.  I likey the bulge in those jeans even if it is material.. a girl can dream.  and I likey the long legs...but look how thin! Must have been burning those calories on BA!
Jittzpattzing:  these jeans are button flys too, but i don't like em either. too blue. too new LOL

Pattzy:  exactly too new and baggy which normally i dont mind its just that these are bagging up in the wrong places.. but i guess they are better than the ones Tom wears, dude rolls his bottoms up on some of em... not good for a dude at least...
Leann:  New clothes on Rob? Stop the presses! Film at 11:00

Erin:  I like the weathered skinnys with the blown out knee and the perpetually dingy ass... Fuck... I REALLLLLY heart those jeans s/t fierce. Esp the back!

Leann:  I think those are pretty much everyone's favorite RobJeans!

LoveTheLips:  Oui madame.

Kathy:  I wanna know where those button fly jeans are....and he needs an extra pair just in case something happens to them.

LoveTheLips:  maybe they're shoved inside the guitar case? he could probably fit his guitar and his wardrobe in there. ;p

Elizalou: Is it just me, or does it look like he has an abrasion of some sort on his chest?! WTF? And that's not old, those scabs look fairly fresh.

Mandy: I didn't notice that, but your right. They do look like new scratches or whatever. Wonder what happened.

Leann:  Do you realize that when we see Rob on Oprah, he will have a long crew cut again??? *moment of silence for the Sex Hair, about to be shorn off TODAY most likely!*

A/LA:  You just broke my heart.

Leann:  I KNOW. Thank God for the stupid paps at the airport. It's the last time we'll see the Long Hair in awhile. *sniff*


Jittzpattzing:  omg lol   i'm pretty sure that girl is channeling me.

 LoveTheLips:  i know....i adore his longer hair......but i'll adapt. LOL  But the revered Sex Hair deserves a heartfelt eulogy.

Jala: *removes hat, lowers head and stands respectfully still*
Jala:  *gasp* *sudden thought* Do you think this new jeans means that the old, ripped-knee, button-flys have been laid to rest? Say it ain't so! Somebody, please! Reassure me!

Kathy:   oh please nooooo.....those were the best...damn....I hope not! and if so, why didn't he just go buy another pair? they were perfect....

Leann:  Relax! I'm sure they're resting in the guitar case with this:


Jala:  When you put it that way...

Phew! I feel a bit more relieved now.


AND Pattinspired's lunch hour is WAY over.  In summary, we bid adieu to this glorious, beautiful mane:

...And say hello to this, uh, glorious, beautiful mane.

Like LoveTheLips said....I'll adapt.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Rob Bic lighter mystery, solved (by a heinie!)

Day Two of my Ownership of One of Robert Pattinson's Discarded Bic update:

Yesterday found me wasting precious moments of my life on this earth wondering if Rob uses his cigarette lighters for chew toys, anger-management therapy, or something kinky that I can use as inspiration in the next chappie of my fic.  Clearly I cannot continue down this path of hopeless insanity  sick obsession  puzzled curiosity.

Thankfully, understanding is now mine, thanks to the astute observations of my friend Mandy.  The answer lies right here, my friends:
Yes...the Holy Grail.  (At least, it is for a cheap date like Rob.)

It seems that Mandy often opens bottles of beer with the end of her lighter, in the absence of an actual bottle opener.  How about that?  As a non-smoker, I am completely unschooled in the MacGuyver-like uses of the ordinary butane lighter.  Apparently, one does not need a Swiss army knife if one is armed with this sucker: --------------------------------> 
Elizalou was quick to pipe up that she also has a friend who uses his Bic to wrestle open import beers, which are not as accomodating as their screw-cap-lidded domestic counterparts. (In this country, they want you to get the beer open as fast as humanly possible, so that'll you consume at least one extra before the night is through.)  Hmmm.....whom do we know who likes to drink import beers 'round these parts? Anyone? Bueller?                                                                        (Ah, the 3AM-Hobo-Heinie-Run...note the surreptitious glance around to make sure no one has seen what a raging alcoholic great beer connoisseur you are.)
I went to the grocery store today on my weekly pilgrimage to stock up on a crate a little bottle of wine for dinner, so I snuck a quick peek at the beer bottles to ascertain whether or not a Heinie lid made the evenly-spaced indentations and scratches all over the bottom of Rob's old lighter. Ladies and gents (are there any crazed dudes who have wandered onto this raging X-chromosome of a blog?)...we have a match. --------------------->
Thank God (and Mandy!) I can pick up the pieces of my tormented life and go on.  Plus, I have a really cool new bottle-opener.  One that might have been used to wrestle open many a Heinie in this very trailer....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rob's Lit (what the heck did he do to this Bic anyway?)

I blogged awhile back about the fact that I made a couple of Ebay purhcases...items that were used in the movie Remember Me.  Specifically, items that have been fondled repeatedly by one Robert Pattinson.  Why else would I spend $25 (including shipping) on a cheapie Bic lighter that I can buy at Wal-Mart for a buck?  Even so, a trip from the white coats might be in order.  At least, that's what I was thinking to myself when the first of my winnings arrived today, in a small cardboard mailer that fit neatly in my mailbox.

When I saw that the lighter had arrived today, I wasn't all that excited, honestly. I's a lighter. A freakin' dimestore Bic lighter. I figured, with my luck, it would look like all Bic lighters, right? With nary a sign that Rob ever came near it.


When I took the lighter out of the baggie that it was all rolled up in, I was...I don't even know what I was. Happily surprised is a bit of an understatement, though I didn't have a full-on freak-out over a little piece of plastic. BUT, when I saw the condition of the lighter, I was pretty damned well excited.

(However, is it too much to ask for Premiere Props to spell Robert Freakin' PattiNson correctly???) FAIL!

This lighter is destroyed. It is completely empty---I can barely get a spark out of it.

The blue plastic is completely dull and scratched all over, like it has been thrown around on furniture, pulled in and out of pockets, and generally man-handled until it was out of lighter fluid.

The Bic logo is half-scratched/rubbed off.

The bottom of the lighter has big gashes in the plastic, like it was smacked on the edge of a coffee table or countertop or bar or whatever repeatedly; or chewed on by human teeth.

It honestly has little even-spaced indentations around the bottom, like teeth marks, except they're too close together to be tooth marks unless Rob has the bottom teeth of a toddler. LOL

But if I consider the possibility that this thing was in Rob's mouth, let alone his hands, I just...kinda freak out a little. 

I mean, tell me people....WHAT happened to the bottom of this thing??? ----->

Roblivious suggested that maybe it got caught in his zipper.  I can't even entertain such a thought or I will be arrested for Lewd Acts Commited With a Lighter.

Perhaps he got bored and drop-kicked it around Central Park to entertain himself.  Or ran over it with his bike.  Or whacked it repeatedly on an iron fence somewhere in frustration over the endless parade of fangurls shrieking at him during the entire RM filming process.

What really happened, I'll never know.  All I do know is that this lighter has been abused to the high heavens. And I am quite ecstatic about it, I must say! I hold it in my hand and just Wow. (That's zombie-speak for "God help me, I need a life sooo bad.")  Oh, and did I mention that the thing feels sort of rough and grimy?  Like it lived in grungy unwashed boy's clothes...and was groped by sweaty, dirty boy                  *ded*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where's KStew? (did anyone look under Rob?)

Okay, I'll be honest, I don't really give a rat's behind where Kristen Stewart is.  I think she's a cute girl, a fine actress, and a pretty cool chick all around.  Fact is, she makes Robert Pattinson supremely happy.  And Happy Rob makes me happy.  I'm pretty much All About Rob.  (A few of you astute readers may have picked up on this in the past few months.)  So from that perspective, I hope she's trapped under Rob in London until Iceland's volcanic cloud stops swallowing half of Europe. 

I have heard on good authority that she has, in fact, escaped to LA and is enjoying the Coachella music festival in LA as I type.  However, yesterday afternoon, the Ladies of the Chain Gang (heretofore known as the "Robtarts"--copyright LoveTheLips & Jala) were still under the impression that Rob and Kristen were stuck together in London for an indeterminate amount of time.  Our devious minds began to wander, as they are often wont to do.  What, pray tell, would the Beautiful Couple DO with so much time on their hands?  *aherm*

Having never been to Europe, my mind was preoccupied with hotel room diversions.  You know, a little Naked Twister, a bit of Hide And Go Shag...maybe later a round of Pin The Lit Ciggie on TomStu.  You know, a little harmless fun.  But luckily a few of the Robtarts live in/have lived in/have visited London Town, and were able to come up with a few diversions should our fair couple ever tire of playing Hide the Salami.

Without further ado, I present......

Top Ten Things Rob and Kristen Can Do To Pass The Time Whilst Stuck In London

10) Go to the London Dungeon and swap places with the dummies and see if people notice.

9) Get on that Millenium Ferris Wheel and make out like crazy once it gets to the very top where you know papz won't be able to get pics just as a "fuck you." *

8) Sneak into RM in Leicester Square theater after the lights have gone down, sit in very back and watch with the crowd. Include gropage.

7) Sneak into Mme Tussaud's and put the missing DuRob 'stache on that wax poser.

6) Visit the V&A and screw like bunnies in The Great Bed of Ware (that sucker hasn't seen any action for a looooooooong time.)

5) Stuff TomStu in a pram and run around Piccadilly Circus while he lights ciggies for you.

4) Go down to the crypt at St. Martin's in the Fields and make full-size brass rubbings of each other.

3) Go to Hyde Park and take turns standing on a soap box denouncing the presence of pig-nosed werewolves in the Pacific Northwest.
2) Go up into the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral and do the 'whispering' thing from opposite sides, giving out major Eclipse spoilers.

1) Dress up rob as a Buckingham Palace Guard and go to the palace to see how many people try to a) make him talk and b) say OMG you look just like Robert Pattinson!

Thank you, Jittzpattzing and Roblivious, for your suggestions...I'll foward them to Rob and Kristen just as soon as I figure out where the hell they are!

Honorable Mention goes to Lizalou for: 

My vote is for the two of them to go for afternoon tea at the Dorchester dressed just like this...
Cucumber sandwiches never sounded so good.. yum yum yum

I lieu of that, I would take this scenario as well:
Either way, a jolly good time would be had by all! 

*Jala has informed us that photos are actually taken automatically on the Millenium Ferris Wheel and you can buy them when you get off the ride.  So perhaps Rob and Kris may want to rethink this particular joy ride.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Got Lucky! And, does Edward Cullen's member cause freezer burn?

Last night, a strange and wondrous thing happened:  I actually won Something Kewl on ebay.  Something extremely cool, actually, in my little Robsessed mind.

Like many others, I was deeply affected by the movie Remember Me.  It worked on all levels for me, even the stunning and somewhat controversial ending.  The film's conclusion felt like a cheap trick to some: a plot device implemented to manipulate and blindside viewers.  But isn't that exactly what 9/11 was?  Thousands of innocent lives were lost in a senseless and brutal act, designed to shock, anger and illicit a very specific and gutteral response.  So the use of it in Remember Me didn't feel any more manipulative and heart-breaking to me than the original event did.  It was tastefully done, and foreshadowed with subtle clues throughout the film.

I have now seen Remember Me a half-dozen times in the theater, and am struck by the story and the moving performances every time. (And by Rob's beauty...not even gonna try to lie!) I have also been watching numerous props and costumes from the movie come and go on Ebay, and have bid and lost a few times, trying to own a little memento from this film that I love.  I was especially sad to lose out on owning the book of Greek myths that Tyler gave Caroline in the movie, because I love books and I love art; and because it reminded me of the favorite stories I used to make my dad read to me over and over before bedtime when I was a kid. 

Finally I did score this, which may or may not have been Fondled By Rob while doing the slew of lighting-up-a-ciggie scenes throughout RM.  I didn't pay a lot, but when you add in the shipping, this may be the Most Expensive Cheapass Bic Lighter in the history of the world -------------------------->

You never may be the SAME BIC sitting right here in front of Robler, waiting to be picked up and caressed by his gorgeous fingers:
(Hey, a girl can dream, right? ;p )

But last night, the Gods of Fate came smiling down upon me.  I managed to scoop up, at a very reasonable price, the lovely drawing of Charles Hawkins / Pierce Brosnan that Robler rips off the wall of the gallery, pulls off its backing, and carries on his bike so he can wave it at dear ol' dad in an apoplectic rage during an impromptu board meeting.

I don't think the folks at Premiere Props knew what they were selling, to be honest.  They described the drawing as being "pulled off its backing, with a tear in the lower lefthand corner." if they were apologizing for the condition of it.  Did they not realize the condition was because it was used in a very pivotal part of the film, and thoroughly man-handled by Rob?  Hmmm!  Their loss is my gain.  
I wonder how I will behave when said item arrives in my mail?  Will I stare at it reverently as if it's a DaVinci sketch?  Will I inspect it / dust it for Rob's smudged fingerprints?  Paw it lovingly, hoping that it has miraculous healing properties like the Shroud of Turin; or perhaps able to give instant orgasms, as my friend DD suggested?  Will I have its Rob DNA extracted so that I can create my own little Robler love child? 

That last suggestion prompted another demented interesting exchange amongs the Ladies of the Chain Gang.  A sample:

Jala: And if it's THE ONE, he surely sweated over it. It'll have LOTS of DNA on it. You get enough to send Robsperm to each of us and we could all have little Roblovechildren. Now THAT would definitely bewilder him.

Jittzpattzing: we could start a robcommune filled with his beautiful children....think of it. magical LOL

Leann: AND we could start a baseball team with them all in 15 years! "The Robinators."

Jittzpattzing: they would suck hahahahaha! more like we should start a band. they can each play a diff instrument

Leann: Ooh yeah! The Robtones. With the scariest bunch of stage moms EVAH!!!

Jittzpattzing:  Sounds like the band would be lame, but we could work on that. Get TomStu to be band manager

Leann:  Ooh, smokin'! Then we could have affairs with the band manager and get his hot BFF to come sit in on our practice sessions, then start wondering why all the kids have big blue-green eyes and sculpted bone structure and hair to die for.

Jittzpattzing:  LMAO....i picture a scenario where they individually go up to him and say something he's said before, like:

R: "How'r you doing, lad?"
RobKid1: "Do you sometimes think you're not really feeling your emotions, that you're just pretending?"

R: "Is that your mom over there?"
RobKid2: "Yeah, but i mean, I think i feel most emotionally connected with my dog"

R: "Do you like being famous?"
RobKid3: "Not really...but it's just my life now. I try to ignore it"

And Rob just starts thinking he's going crazy....LOL

(Not as crazy as we are, that's for DAMNED sure.  -blog ed. note)

In other LOTC shenanigans, a lively debate was had over what would happen if one were to attempt to achieve coitus with the stone-cold Robward Cullenson.  You know, this dude...the Sparkly Cold One.  ---------------------->

Speculations ran wild, naturally:

 Leann:  I just realized Edward Cullen's only flaw: he will never have morning wood!!!

Diana:  No, he is just "rock hard" (and I mean that literally) any time he feels the spirit! Holy crap. Think about. The book says he is hard like marble, and that prude SM is talking about his chest. Think what that means for the love rocket!
Leann:  I'm's a reason dildos aren't made out of marble! *ouch*
DD:  Exactly, that what I was thinking when I was reading the Isla Esme episode. Holy cow. How does that work when his peen is hard like marble and cold as ice. Whew
Leann:  Hence the hottie-hot-hot island! Still, that doesn't explain the fact that his dick would be about as pliant as the statue of David. Wonder if Steph was sorry later that she made Edward so hard? I mean, how the heck does he move? lol
DD:  Well the island being so hot helps her when she is laying up against him. But having a marble dick that is as cold as ice pounding in and out of you won't feel any different because you are laying in a sauna.

Leann:  Hopefully it's not cold as ice....just cold as a corpse. A corpse would be, what, room temperature? So maybe his dick is close to normal temperature on the island! LOL
Mamasaint:   omg hahahahahah way too analytical of a fictional vampire's room temperature (or not) corpse-like dick. Bahahaha

Leann:  Now, you would be disappointed if I were anything less than way too analytical!

Erin Batt:  Since you can't hurt him...can't we like, take a blow torch to his unit prior to sex?
*every guy within a 30 mi radius just shuddered and they have no idea why*

Jittzpattzing:  hahahahahaha omg earlier i was thinking, u could wrap one of those ultra burny hot towels the pedicurist puts around your legs she gets out of the microwave and has to handle with tongs around his dick right before sex hahahaha
LMAO well they get it out of the microwave and have to use tongs and then shake it out....i always think to myself, 'um do i really want that around my legs and feet?' hahahaha

Leann:  If you apply that first phrase to Robward's dick, you get the FUNNIEST mental picture!

A/LA:  or use a toaster oven.
"BELL-AA! I told you to take the pop tart sout before we have sex! Now I'm sticky!"
someone tell me to shut up hahaha

Jittzpattzing:  it would get those wire lines on it though fr the toaster LOL. it would be like 'jailbait' dick. oh wait, he IS 17! hahahaha

Leann:  OMG...."Teens...I can do teens." Oh wait, wrong movie and character.
I'm literally snorting with laughter right now! Look at how BADLY we want to have sex with Robward Cullenson....

Jittzpattzing:  yeah pretty badly LOL  there's a great one shot fic of edward submerging himself completely in a burning hot tub, his face and all not having to breathe for hours before bella gets home so she can have sex with him once like his body would be her temp. it was really sweet actually LMAO

Erin Batt:  Gah! Idk what's more deliciously heavenly right now...imagining the spa or Robward's dick.  Do I lose my membership card for that one?

Leann:  Combine the two and it's TOTAL WIN!

Mamasaint:  LOL The obvious answer would've been Robward dick AT the spa.

Leann:  Great minds, Mamasaint.....!

Kathy (just arriving home and catching up on email:)  So this whole thread is how to warm up Edward's dick before he puts it in you? Just wondering.

DD:  Exactly. Otherwise, you will have freezer burn in your vag. Hahahahahaha  (ed. note: Erin Batt and Jittzpattzing came up with that little theory, but I have somehow tech-tardedly deleted key parts of this VIP--Very Important Penis--conversation!)

Kathy:    Hahaha not to mention the possibility of severe chafing....and as long as I'm on this subject, would his cold dick cause any wetness from the woman to freeze like ice??? just wonderin'....

Erin Batt:  Yup...'bout sums it all up...Hahahaha...

And I leave you with these profound thoughts on a Sunday, my lovelies.  Off to do something productive with the rest of my day that doesn't have to do with, uh, freezer-burn or turkey-basting with DNA gleaned from a wrinkled movie prop.  I'm pretty sure God is frowning down upon me at the moment....

P.S. Look what DD found!  Gives a whole new meaning to the Nike slogan, doesn't it?  Not to mention Rob's shiteous Nikes.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meeting Rob and Tom at Lyric Lounge

I am so excited to have a very special guest blogger today!  "BarnesGirl11" was lucky enough to attend the Lyric Lounge event last weekend and met Rob and Tom Sturridge right before Rob left for Budapest.  Here is her story:

Warning: LONG! (TWSS)

Lyric Lounge, produced/curated by Tom Sturridge and Henry Lloyd Hughes

with Marcus Foster, Johnny Flynn, Jack Penate and others on Friday 26 March 2010

I have never been lucky enough to see Marcus foster play live (too much RL stuff going on), and so when he was added to the bill for the Lyric Lounge event on 26 March, I decided that fate had stepped in, and this was my opportunity, as I had bought a ticket in early January and promptly forgotten I had it!

The Lyric bar was packed when I arrived….”Ghost Stories” is on there at the moment in the main auditorium which is creating A LOT of buzz.

The first people I spotted were Tom’s family. I used to quote “Brideshead Revisited” (1981) like I now quote “Twilight”, so Charles Sturridge and Phoebe Nicholls (especially) are legends in my eyes

Then I spotted Matilda Sturridge greeting a familiar looking figure! Yes, RP had turned up to support his BFF, what a STAR! A couple of girls in the queue went over and although he was hidden behind the pillar, flashes went off, so I guess he was kindly having pics with fans.

The seating at the Lyric Studio is bench seating and we were not allocated specific seats. As we filed in, I noticed that the first 2 rows were “reserved for latecomers”. I chose a seat in the middle section of Row 3, at the end of the row, with the aisle/steps to my right and then 4 more seats. The Sturridge family were already seated on Row 2, and just after I sat down TS said to his family to reserve the end of the row seat for him 

Just before the performance started RP arrived and sat across the aisle from TS. So TS was in the seat in front of me, about a foot from me (my knee was practically touching his beanie) and RP was about 4 feet from me.--------------->

The studio is about 6 rows of maybe 20 people - not big at all, and it was sold out.

Tom introduced the evening, he was articulate but clearly happy to hand over the main job of MC to Henry. And Henry was superb…..relaxed, funny, complimentary, eloquent…..did I say funny? The whole audience had big grins plastered on their faces for his intros and outros. Which is a bit odd as the theme was “Heartbreak” (Henry mentioned that they intended to have exploding papier mache hearts for set decoration, but in end just had a banner, created by TS’s girlfriend)

There were 6 acts in all, divided equally between a 10 minute interval. The music acts did 3 songs each and the Time Cats opened the second act with the MOST hilarious poetry rendition dressed as sheep.

The line up was:

Part One:
Blood Royale (Henry’s cousin is in this band)……..who were great (@bloodroyale)
Alan Pownall and band…………………..also great (@alanpownall)
Marcus Foster plus bass and percussion……….excellent (@marcusfoster1)

Part Two:
The Time Cats (Sophie Wu and Emily Beecham)………...hilarious (@sophiewuface)
Johnny Flynn………………outstanding
Henry Lloyd Hughes…………performed one song (@matineeidle)
Jack Penate (a real pop star here in the UK)…….great but I wish he has performed his singles, loved his quick rendition of “Across the Universe” (@jackpenate)

All the music acts performed three songs each.

Throughout the first half particularly, TS and RP were leaning across the aisle to chat to one another, both seemed extremely relaxed and smiley. Not gonna lie, I DID steal a few………okay A LOT of sneaky glances at RP…..and the jaw porn…….. and the eyelash porn..,.…the rip in the jeans……the long fingers . He is an international film star FFS, of course I am interested!!!!

RP defs whooped for Marcus, and clapped a lot for Marcus. He sat next to Marcus’ girlfriend on his RHS and Tom on his LHS (with the steps/aisle) between them.

RP also kept talking to TS across the aisle about the microphone. It seemed to me that he thought it was not affixed properly and both Tom and Henry fiddled with it a bit (TWSS) to try and get it right.

I could swear that at one point RP was getting frustrated about the mic and TS said something like “Well you fix it then!” Can you imagine? RP going on stage and taking the microphone and 120 people thinking he was about to perform *THUD*

The audience were really lively.

It was a really funny night - the bands chatted a lot with the audience, and Henry pulled it all together beautifully in his lilac corduroy suit . You may recognise Henry from The Inbetweeners or from some movie called “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” when he played Roger Davies, who attended the Yule Ball with Fleur Delacour.

Chatted to Johnny Flynn afterwards - WHAT a great guy , truly lovely and self deprecating and seemingly delighted that fans enjoyed his set.

Got a pic with Phoebe Nicholls….thanks K for taking the pic 

Afterwards, there was a cordoned off area for the performers and their guests. And I am fairly sure that a cordoned off area could have been arranged outside for any famous smokers if necessary. You know, just in case anyone special asked for it to be arranged. But they didn’t. So yes, although having pics with fans may not be a movie stars favourite thing to do, perhaps they do it because they are kind and generous and know how happy it makes their fans.

So then: A few people DID get pics with Robert - he was amazingly accommodating 

I got a pic with him and chatted to him briefly about “Bel Ami” whilst my friend was getting an autograph. I asked if he had nearly finished and he said “No not really” so I said “of course, you are off to Hungary” and he agreed. He was courteous and kind but not chatty. He did NOT mention that they were travelling to Budapest the very next day for example.

To the fans who think nobody should ask for a pic: If you had seen how relaxed and friendly and kind he was being to ALL his fans who asked for a picture (and there were quite a few), I honestly doubt you would have been able to resist asking him.

He could NOT have been sweeter, I honestly think he REALLY appreciates his fans.

I have seen him on a few occasions now and he has ALWAYS been generous with his time and utterly gracious towards the people who support him.

He is a TOTAL star!

And just to add.... there were LOTS of "pleases" and "thankyous".......

There was no screaming, no shouting, no grabbing, no crazy assed stalker fans, no bodyguards (well, just Marcus LOL), no fuss.........

...just some fans asking for a photo with their idol, an international film star at a low key event, supporting his bezzie mate.

(THANK YOU BarnesGirl11 for sharing your story and photo with Rob, and robmeblind for additional pics!)