Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Moment of Silence for the Sex Hair

So Rob was spotted at Heathrow earlier today, making his way back to "the 'couv" as Vancouver native and Robtart Erin Batt calls it.  Papz caught our boy per usual, once again sparking the simultaneous elation over seeing Rob in his natural state, and guilt over enjoying pics that were taken against his will by one of the lowest life forms on the planet.

So, after the obvious first reaction of "UNF!!!  WTF is he so effing hot just walking through the freakin' airport?"  the Robtarts narrowed down our comments to the following:

Elizalou: I don't really care for these new jeans that he's wearing... hmm.. bring back the buttonflies! But who the hell am I kidding? He could be wearing plaid pajama pants with flip flops and i'd swoon ;p

Mandy:  I love how even though he has all this money, his guitar case is all falling apart. It's nice to see he hasn't changed, he still holds onto things until they literally fall apart.

Pattzy:  true glad to see he is still same Rob well minus the jeans and yeah i am not a fan bring back those hot button flys!

Erin:  And yes about guitar case. He's so adorable!!! I love him. I want to hug him!
*runs to go try* ;)

A/LA:  I love that BBJ.... even if it looks like it's been deflated. LOL

Leann:  UNF. Guess maybe all the travelling he does has finally squashed the BBJ into submission?

LoveTheLips:  Do you think it's been packed away all this time? We haven't seen it in ages. I hate it. LOL....and the jeans. The guitar case is pretty damn cool. No wonder he's hanging on to it.

Kathy:  I personally think it's so fuckhawt that he takes that guitar wherever he goes.  I likey the bulge in those jeans even if it is material.. a girl can dream.  and I likey the long legs...but look how thin! Must have been burning those calories on BA!
Jittzpattzing:  these jeans are button flys too, but i don't like em either. too blue. too new LOL

Pattzy:  exactly too new and baggy which normally i dont mind its just that these are bagging up in the wrong places.. but i guess they are better than the ones Tom wears, dude rolls his bottoms up on some of em... not good for a dude at least...
Leann:  New clothes on Rob? Stop the presses! Film at 11:00

Erin:  I like the weathered skinnys with the blown out knee and the perpetually dingy ass... Fuck... I REALLLLLY heart those jeans s/t fierce. Esp the back!

Leann:  I think those are pretty much everyone's favorite RobJeans!

LoveTheLips:  Oui madame.

Kathy:  I wanna know where those button fly jeans are....and he needs an extra pair just in case something happens to them.

LoveTheLips:  maybe they're shoved inside the guitar case? he could probably fit his guitar and his wardrobe in there. ;p

Elizalou: Is it just me, or does it look like he has an abrasion of some sort on his chest?! WTF? And that's not old, those scabs look fairly fresh.

Mandy: I didn't notice that, but your right. They do look like new scratches or whatever. Wonder what happened.

Leann:  Do you realize that when we see Rob on Oprah, he will have a long crew cut again??? *moment of silence for the Sex Hair, about to be shorn off TODAY most likely!*

A/LA:  You just broke my heart.

Leann:  I KNOW. Thank God for the stupid paps at the airport. It's the last time we'll see the Long Hair in awhile. *sniff*


Jittzpattzing:  omg lol   i'm pretty sure that girl is channeling me.

 LoveTheLips:  i know....i adore his longer hair......but i'll adapt. LOL  But the revered Sex Hair deserves a heartfelt eulogy.

Jala: *removes hat, lowers head and stands respectfully still*
Jala:  *gasp* *sudden thought* Do you think this new jeans means that the old, ripped-knee, button-flys have been laid to rest? Say it ain't so! Somebody, please! Reassure me!

Kathy:   oh please nooooo.....those were the best...damn....I hope not! and if so, why didn't he just go buy another pair? they were perfect....

Leann:  Relax! I'm sure they're resting in the guitar case with this:


Jala:  When you put it that way...

Phew! I feel a bit more relieved now.


AND Pattinspired's lunch hour is WAY over.  In summary, we bid adieu to this glorious, beautiful mane:

...And say hello to this, uh, glorious, beautiful mane.

Like LoveTheLips said....I'll adapt.


  1. I love your blog Leann. Creative, funny, fuckhawt, and easy to read. And lots and lots of good entertainment!!!

  2. yes, i will miss the glorius mane, but even if he was bald, i would still lurve him long time!!!!!!