Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh do I love thee?...or not?

I love hearing fan encounters with Rob.  No matter how "bawthud" he probably is having to constantly pose for fan photos, he always obliges and is polite and respectful to his fans.  Then again, I think they are the same toward him, most of the time, especially in England.  I suspect that they are a much more polite and reticent sort of society in general compared to us rowdy, forward Americans.  (Stereotype much, pattinspired?  Don't mind if I do.)

I especially love the rare photo of Rob caught with a big, easy smile.
(Good God, Rob, I hope you've been washing that Che Guevara t-shirt in between constant wearings!)

I love seeing Happy Rob with Time Off.  Time to road-trip, hang with his friends, see his girl, catch some shows.  Why does Happy Rob make me so happy?  Maybe because he just seems like the type who deserves it.  The type who doesn't take it for granted, and appreciates it for what it is.  Living in the moment.  He's a great example to live by without even trying.

Still, you'll see a huge smile on my face when he starts filming Breaking Dawn.  Because he'll be at work doing something he loves, with people he loves?  Sure, of course.  But mostly, I'm way more shallow than that.  I'll be thrilled when Breaking Dawn starts for one reason:

That's right, baby.  That monster beard will be GONE!  And I will rejoice, nay, REVEL in the Beauty of Rob's Face revealed once more to the world! (i.e., me.)  I love Rob, but come on.  His resemblance these days to THIS is just plain disturbing:

I do NOT want to look at pictures of Rob and start singing something like "You Decorated My Life" in my head.  *shudders*  Don't get me wrong, I'd take Rob however I could get him.  I certainly wouldn't kick him outta bed for having crumbs in that tremendous manbeard of his.  I mean, the testosterone that Rob's follicular proliferation implies is nothing short of...HOT.  But this is just way hotter:

I rest my case.


  1. Fuck me!

    That RM pic is YUMMY!

    Now I am a fan of Rob anyway he comes, and I like the beard. I even have a pic of my left dimple with the beard (as you know!)

    But when I see pics w/o the beard, I feel a bit faint. Or maybe that is just the tail end of this gd hangover!


    Love Barnesey xxo

  2. I have SEEN that pic, you lucky girl! And hopefully one or two more before the week is out, eh? I shall keep fingers and toes crossed for you!

  3. I love your updates, so friggin funny. I love the beard love it trimmed even more but I get that he's on down time & probly hates shaving just like every man. Thanks for the giggles..

  4. You are welcome Becca! Thanks for moseyin' down to the blog and leaving a comment! :) I will deal with the beard, rest assured...but I won't be weeping when it's gone!

  5. I admit I am in awe of "...the testosterone that Rob's follicular proliferation implies..." (priceless line!). I trust the Rob I adore is still underneath that bush!

  6. I love the ruff beard.. it's yummy. I like him with or without it.

  7. You crack me up! I just found you via "Amnesia" and you're a woman after my own Robheart!!

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