Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hallelujah! RIP Rob's Beard

I've made no secret of my dislike for Rob's robust beard as of late.  I've been patiently waiting for news of its demise.  And now that I have heard that my fondest wishes have come to pass, I've been shouting my grateful praise to the Lord all over Twitter and my email chain this lovely Sunday morning.  I think the Reverend S. Moron should prepare a sermon, but in the meantime, here's a little inspiration:  choirs of Mormons singing!

Some cute pics of the Eclipse Usual Suspects came to light today.  They've been forced to pose holding some film magazine, acting as if they might actually read the thing if they had any sort of free time on their hands.


In the photo below, Rob is looking at which of the following:

A) a photo of himself, whilst reciting a mental list of his many "faults" as displayed in said photo

B) Stew's boobs

C) Tay's boobs

D) Making a mental comparison between Stew's and Tay's boobs and realizing he might be dating the wrong person

E) Stew's robust butt, in order to erase the uncomfortable train of thought that happened from B through D

I'm going with "A," myself, knowing Rob.  Silly boy.

Thanks to Robstenation and The Pattinson Code for the pic!

Off to celebrate some more with a giant mug of Starbucks and a little fanfic writing. I'm determined to end this writer's block that has gotten a hold of me!  Now I'll just wait for some photographic evidence of the unveiling of Rob's beautiful face again.  Gosh, just think how tender his skin must have been after that first shave?  *volunteers to apply soothing face cream and lots of kisses ;) *


  1. Hey Girl!

    Thought you might be celebrating! I love Robert anyway I can get him, beard or no beard.

    But yesyesyes to applying soothing cream to his tender skin - YUMMY!

    love Barnesey xxxo

  2. Yay I'm here - I love reading this blog!
    Imma going with "E" cuz we all know how much he loves Stewies butt! And not the one from South Park.