Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Robsessed understand....

More beautiful pics came out today of Rob just being Rob.  I want to hate on the paps, but then they go and capture moments like this--Rob just hanging out, taking a smoke break, effortlessly (and obliviously) displaying why he's truly a cut above.

One of the LOTC just sent the email below, and I wanted to share it.  The True Rob Fans will understand.

 Oh Jesus.

I love watching him be him. Ya know. *remembers who she's talking to*
of course you do.

But the mid-sentence, casual lean, smoke between the fingers (the
fingers in general) ... It all just works for me. Anyone who claims
they "can't see it" is lying, they just don't wanna be mainstream.

*grabs turtle swim floatie*

The mainstream water's hot. I like it. Besides, we all loved him before
any of the teens and whackjobs....he's ours.

~Erin Batt

P.S. The LOTC have all been discussing the state of Rob's fly.  We like him 'cause he's always ready. And a dork who walks around with his pants undone.


  1. I think button fly is just authentic for the period piece.

    I have been om wiki alredy looking up with the zipper was invented.....but the RP pics drew me back too quickly.....

    Barnesey xxx

  2. Ohm, and I agree with all of you.

    But you already knew that!!!


  3. Hi C! I was alerted to the button-fly situation on Twitter...but I still like the idea that one of the buttons is undone! ;)

  4. I personally don,t think this guy...RP can put a foot wrong...shame he can,t have all the buttons

  5. Way to go RPattz ~ have all the buttons undone ~ you look so good anyway you dress ~ I love your bod so the less clothes the better ~ xxx