Monday, May 10, 2010

Rob 24th Birthday Post! (The Ballad of Rob...aka PattinSaga)

Let's just take a moment and thank God that THIS exists!

THAT's what I'm talkin' about!  *phew*

Moving on to the momentous occasion, about to happen in 3 short days...*drumroll please*...the anniversary of the day that the glorious creature known as Robert Pattinson graced the earth with his presence!

Okay, that might be a bit much.  But not really...I don't think so.  Anyhoo, without further ado, I have recreated the story of Rob's short life in (really bad) rhyme.  Why?  Why does Rob open beer bottles with a lighter?  Because he can, and he doesn't have anything better to do!  I rest my case.

(A little mood music first)

PattinSaga  The Ballad of Rob

Our tale begins the thirteenth of May,
A blessed and auspicious day,
For a child was born in London fair
To a happy couple named Richard and Claire.

The Pattinsons named him Robert Thomas
And knew his life was full of promise.
Of course there was no way to know
Just how big his star would grow.
They blithely rocked his bassinette,
Never dreaming how famous he would get.

Rob charmed the nurses with his coos,
And when he left, they sang the blues.
Even the doc who slapped his bum
Exclaimed, “By Jove, he IS handsome!”

Though he was but a tiny baby
There were no “ifs, ands, buts or maybes”
That this was such a lovely child
He’d someday make the girls go wild.

His sisters Victoria and Lizzie
Put poor Robbie in a tizzy,
Dressing him up like a girl
And taking him out for a whirl.

His ego finally recovered,
And his mother soon discovered
Her son was quite a comely lad
Who’d even pose, scantily clad,
To make a pretty pound or two
In the modeling biz (which he outgrew.)

He sprouted up, quite tall and fine,
But he never learned to spin a line
To make the girls all stop and swoon
And not think him a daft buffoon.

He took his father’s sound advice
And headed where the girls looked nice.
An acting troupe had caught dad’s eye;
He told his son, “Give it a try!”

Acting class was time well spent
As Rob grew bold and confident.
The stage was where he found his voice
And settled on his career choice.

An agent saw his face, and talent;
And got his first film role as gallant
Rawdy Crawley in Vanity Fair
Where he first showed his dramatic flair.

His scenes fell on the cutting room floor,
Leaving Rob’s ego somewhat sore.
But he got right back up again
And moved on to the next big thing.

A coveted role in Harry Potter
Was his first taste of franchise fodder.
It seemed his star was set to rise
If his next career moves were wise.

Rob forged on in fits and starts
As he floundered through his next few parts.
He chose some oddball indie flicks
That wouldn’t hinder or restrict
His desire to stretch and test a bit
To see which types of roles would fit.

A bumbling nerd named Daniel Gale;
A World War vet in a horror tale;
A 20-something misfit, “Art;”
An eccentric master of surrealist art.
All would help young Rob to grow
Into the talent we’d come to know.

He traveled to the USA
On his agent’s couch to stay.
He tried out for a Twilight role;
From all contenders the part he stole.

He simply WAS our “Edward Cullen,”
A vampire who is sometimes sullen.
Ideal in every other way,
It was the perfect part to play
For still-struggling actor Rob
Who was thrilled to actually get the job.

He clearly admired his leading lady,
Though some folks found the attraction shady
For Kristen was already taken
And her resolve could not be shaken.

She called poor Rob just a “good buddy”
And left the romantic waters muddy.
He couldn’t shake the thought that Kris
Was the only one to give him bliss.

And so he worshipped from afar
While concentrating on his star
Which was beginning to explode
From Twilight mania overload.

Girls swooned over movie Edward,
And thus o’er Rob from that day forward.
They screamed about his wild hair
And sighed over his bedroom stare.

His luscious lips and sexy pout
Were something to write poems about.
His lean physique and straight, broad shoulders
Were matched by dusky blue-eyed smolders.
His sculpted jaw, his chiseled cheeks
Made females everywhere grow weak.

Of course, what some found so delicious
Made others instantly suspicious.
“Who is this new celebrity?
And how did his fame come to be?”

His interviews showed his true self
Revealing a surprising wealth
Of intelligence, candor and dry wit
That wore his detractors down a bit.

Behind his surface of hypnotic looks
Lie the words of over a thousand books
The beginnings and ends of a thousand songs
And the musings of a thousand rights and wrongs.
Robert Pattinson is no dummy…
Even if his face is yummy.

His shy and self-effacing charm
Only served to further disarm
The detractors who were quick to say,
“Edward is all that he can play!”

Wherever gorgeous Rob appeared
A slew of screaming fans drew near
With paparazzi close behind
Not caring if they were unkind.
His photo sold thousands of rags
And so “the shot” paps tried to bag.

The photo onslaught went full bore
As Rob and Kris rejoined once more
To play their Twilight parts again
And see if they were still “just friends.”

No one knows what did transpire
But New Moon kindled the desire
To spend more time with one another
To see if they belonged together.

Kris seemed to have a change of heart
And the two were seldom seen apart
Whether on or off the set
“Robsten,” it seemed, was a sure bet.

They kept their lives on the “down low”
And refused to give the press a show
Of their well-guarded love affair
No matter how much people stared.

The paparazzi gave full chase
Each one trying to win the race
To get the R/K “money shot”
Of a “Robsten” moment that was hot.

They followed Rob to his next set,
Remember Me---who could forget?
The fan girls watched Rob every day
While the paps got in the way
They scourged the streets of New York City
In a scene that wasn’t pretty.

Rumors of Rob tapped by a cab
Only made his fan base mad
And ready to hang paps by the thumbs
If they continued to act like scum.

A professional through and through,
Rob knew he had a job to do.
He ignored the madness all around
And proved his acting chops were sound.

Remember Me got mixed reviews,
But Rob’s acting was front page news
As he received more praise than not
And the film opened in the no. 4 slot.

Eclipse was up next on Rob’s slate
More Edward Cullen was on his plate.
He didn’t seem to mind one bit,
As his handsome face was often lit
With smiles and laughs reserved for Kris…
It seemed he’d waited all summer for this.

The Eclipse set was often shut
Leaving us to wonder what
Was really happening on the film
With a new director at the helm?

The rumors have been going steady
Especially since the film’s not ready.
The speculation just won’t cease
Until the movie’s finally released.

Regardless, Rob and Kristen stayed
In Vancouver, then LA
Until the approach of Christmas Day
When Rob finally went away
To visit his family across the earth
In the fair city of his birth.

Their separation wasn’t long;
Kristen waded through the airport throng
And suffered through inclement weather
So they could spend New Year’s Eve together.
They partied on the Isle of Wight
Where they stayed for a long fortnight.

She finally had to take her leave
So that Rob could film Bel Ami.
A period piece set in France,
Rob’s costumes put girls in a trance
As Hungarian females proved to be
As Robsessed as those in any country.

Rob’s co-stars are the highest caliber
Proving doubts of Rob are simply palaver
For Rob is now more than holding his own
With the top echelon of Hollywood’s thrones.
His next project is no film for beginners
As he'll play opposite two Oscar winners.

Rob has done more than merely thrive;
He’s reaching the top…he’s truly arrived!
And to think he’s achieved all this and more
Before the tender age of twenty-four.

It’s a testament to how he was raised
That he’s managed to stay completely unfazed
By all the trappings and glamour of fame
Never getting caught up in the Hollywood game.

He’s still a sweet, good-natured young man
Who says a kind word whenever he can;
Who remains humble and thankful for what he’s received
While still blushing awkwardly at all he’s achieved.

For all of these reasons and too many to list,
I’m grateful, Rob, that you actually exist.
After all of this babble, I’m just trying to say,
You’re a wonderful person---
Have A Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Great job Le Le. I don't know if I'm going to have time to do anything. I'll try to think up something. But don't quote me on it.haha

  2. Thanks honey! Hey, you are doing a news blog, that is no small task! I didn't think I was going to do anything for Rob's birthday, but you know me, once my brain started churning I couldn't stop it! LOL ;)

  3. Knock out!

    Gorgeous pic choices.

    Happy Birthday Rob for Thursday!

  4. Great pics :)

    Fab post!


    love Barnesey xo

  5. Amazing poetics. Seriously! This must have taken you ages :-)

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Perfect chronology, pics, and poem. Clever, clever Leann! (why am I talking in doubles??)

  7. What a lovingly gorgeous birthday ode, Leann!
    Having a fan like you makes Rob a truly lucky man!

  8. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! Always appreciated! It's all for the love of Rob, ya know. :)
    Scarlet, I would say it took about two hours to write the poem in total. It actually took more time fixing/arranging all the photos while loading it onto Blogger. ("Tech savant" is one title I'll never hold!)

  9. Fitting tribute for the man we love to love. Being the sap that i am, i even got choked up reading it. That was great Leann!

  10. WOW, that is really an amazing piece!!!! Not the normal fan gushings but realoccasions/facts that are adressed eloquently and with sincere admiration!! You MUST send that to his fanmail address--I know he would be overwhelmed reading such a wonderful tribute. I bet his parents would cry!! Please send that on---it's just beautiful!! Super job!!!

  11. lisajsienna said it all! This is a gem!!

    Leann, all you have to do now is create a pencil drawing portrait from the B&W photo at the top. Pretty pleeeez?!??! For ROB!!?!? (Your beautiful ode doesn't get you off the hook so easily!)

    As always, thanks for this great post!

  12. Another great post. The poem is beautiful.

  13. all i can say is OMR, you are talented. you said everything we all wanted to say. thanks. Happy Birthday Rob, we love you.

  14. Uh-ah, I have to work on it, seems so good, nice present for Rob, but my native language is hun garian, so I've to find my dictionary now. Thank you Leann

  15. Thanks again for the compliments everyone; I am humbled. Lisa, I don't know about sending it to Rob, since I made a lot of assumptions about his feelings for Kristen! But I'm glad you think he and his parents would like it. :) Lips, you know I love ya, and of course I'm thrilled I made you verklepmt. ;D Robsmacked, holy shamolee woman, one thing at a time! LOL But maybe someday I will do a Rob sketch...he's too beautiful not to! Twmmy, I am amazed that you read my fic and now this poem when English is not your first language. You are a sweetheart and I thank you for coming to check out my blog! Hugs to everyone :)))